Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wandering Through Life

My favorite quote is from J.R.R. Tolkien..."Not all that wander are lost."...Strangely, an email pal of mine pointed out recently that THIS is MY quote for life! She said, "Jennifer, You're a wanderer by nature, traveling many roads, seeing many sights, and yet you are never lost, but instead completely in your element."
Maybe she's right...
I've always believed in taking the path less traveled, the path that is filled with risks and the path that most usually gets me laughed at, made fun of and pitied. My internal compass guides me away from the crowds and the fads to pursue something more worthy, something more important, something more magnificent than the ordinary and the mundane.
Few understand me, and still fewer even try. I think people are uncomfortable with a courageous soul who seeks more than the ordinary and I think that people fear a person who does not fear to take chances in pursuit of a dream.
When I was 18 I lost a dear friend when I answered her truthfully. When I was 21 I lost a lifelong friend when I answered her painful question with complete honesty. While I was saddened that the friendships died, I've never regretted being honest with either person.
A few years ago my husband and I had problems and against the advice of just about everyone, I gave him another chance...And I've not regretted taking this "risk". Today our marraige is stronger than ever.
A few years ago I was advised by a family member to "forget" about my grandson...I refused and now he is my son. His life is better and mine is headed in new directions...Wandering sometimes blindly, but still standing and still moving ahead!
Twice my husband and I have made major relocations and both times we have been warned against the "risky" moves, laughed at, talked about, browbeat and admonished...And both times we trudged ahead and against all odds, our lives became better and we've grown together.
Now we are attempting to put our biggest dream and riskiest relocation in motion and let me tell you, we have been met with pure hell from family, so-called friends and business people in our community. Only a handful of true friends and loving family have encouraged us and understood our decision... I will always be thankful for their support and prayers. It's not that I don't want to be HERE, but I want to be THERE more!

Dreams don't come true until a person is willing to step out in faith, with courage and boldness and pursue that dream with lots of prayer and nerves of steel.
A wandering person only becomes lost when he quits dreaming!

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