Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I should have stayed in bed!

There are some days when I just wonder why it was that I ever climbed out of the damned bed! Today was one of those days!!!
It all started this past Sunday when Logan decided to make "dirt angels" in the newly plowed up garden spot. In his shorts, tee-shirt and sandals he decided to lie down amid the dirt and plowed under horse manure and make "dirt angels" as his Pappaw repeatedly told him not to. Some minutes later he jumps up and started scratching furiously at his legs below the knee. On close inspection we could find no ants, fleas, bugs of any kind, or any type of weed on the ground. We did find small raised areas all along one side of his calves and as the evening wore on, it resembled some sort of bite or sting, but he said it just itched really bad.
I gave him Benadryl and topical antihistamines to no avail. He also had repeated baths. But last night, the 2nd night since the "dirt angel" idea, the poor child and his pitiful grandmother might have slept an hour because he was itching so terribly and nothing helped at all.
As soon as I got out of bed I was on the phone to the doctor. Since we are two days from Thanksgiving, there were no appointments to be had and the doctor's office told me to take him to the ER since he's a Medicaid patient and because he has such weird allergies.
By 9:30 am we were at the ER where I explained that the doctor's office had sent me. 10:30am we were taken to a patient room. 11:00am an ER doctor with an attitude walks in and says, "What is the emergency here, if you have one." I repeated that the doctors office had sent us to the ER and why. He looks over the legs and says disgustingly, "Ant bites. You brought this kid to the ER for ant bites."
Them was fightin' words!
I said, "Those are NOT ant bites! I am only here because my doctor sent me here."
He replied, "Yes they are ant bites."
I said, "No they are not! We were standing within 5 feet of this child and as soon as he stood up he said he was itching, we stripped him and found no ants and no insects on his body at all."
He wanted to argue and said, "These ARE ant bites."
I pointed to a series of 10 little new raised areas and asked this brilliant horses ass, "Then show me the ants that have just bitten him here."
He looked and shook his head, "Ant bites. Well, ain't nobody ever died from a damned rash or an insect bite." And he turned to leave the room and I spoke up immediately and told him that there were many people who HAVE died from insect bites.
The ass just laughed and left the room.
I sat there with Logan for about 10 minutes before I said to hell with it and walked back out to the waiting room. I asked the lady what I needed to do to leave. She said I had to sign some papers and then she said, "I wish you would have waited to see the doctor." I replied with a room full of people behind me, "We have seen that sonofabitch and that's why we're leaving.I did what my doctor told me to do and I will not have that SOB mistreat me because of it."
Outside I called the doctor's office and she told me to be there at 1:40pm as she had just had a cancelation.
Logan and I had lunch before heading to the doctors office. We arrived there at 1:15pm and signed in. I sat not 4 feet from the door that leads into the interior exam rooms and one by one, patients were called back...Patients that had arrived after us. Not once did I hear Logan's name called, nor did anyone else bother to say a word. Finally at 3:00pm I walked up and asked if they were going to be able to see Logan and the lady says, "We've called you twice and I've even called your home and cell phone!" I told her that we had not left the waiting area and had been there the entire time.
At 3:30 we were finally allowed back. The doctor examined Logan and agreed with me...He did not have any ant bites, but he had definitely gotten into something. He said it could be some type of mite, or it could be a plant that had been plowed under and Logan was sensitive to it. But at any rate, he had a very severe case of allergic dermatitis with fever and swelling in his calves. He was given an oral steroid, antihistamine and antibiotic...just in case his scratching led to infection.
At 4:00pm we arrived at the grocery store and went straight to the pharmacy with the script. Logan and I then did a bit of Thanksgiving dinner shopping, visited with a dear friend and finally made our way back to the pharmacy at 4:35pm. I signed for the meds and realized instantly that I had made a mistake...I'd forgotten to tell the doctor that Logan must have pills...he does not swallow liquids, but projectile vomits them towards me once they hit his throat. I had to return the meds and wait another 30 minutes for them to refill the script with pills.
During all of this, I tried to call my husband, but he did not answer his cell.
At a few minutes after 5:00pm, Logan and I headed home and I dialed the house. Abby answered and asked, "WHERE ARE YOU? Dad is freaking out!" I replied, "Tell him to answer his damned phone and he would know!"
We pulled into the drive at 5:35pm and when we got out of the truck Larry asked, "Well? How was your day?"
I replied, "We know that I've lost sight in one eye. Today I realized that I have apparently lost some of my hearing. I'm very close to loosing a lot of my sanity and I'm only 44 years old. So I guess my day was as good as it could be for all I don't have going for me...How was YOUR day?"
He shook his head and said, "Better than yours."

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