Thursday, November 22, 2007

Journaling thoughts

My blog has become my journal and since I don't keep a journal, I guess that's okay. I don't have anything to hide, nothing sinister and nothing that would raise eyebrows...Just an ordinary, boring housewife raising a child and totally frustrated at the crap this life dishes out!
I've been wondering lately, "What happened to my dreams?" And then I realize, "Life happened." And it gives me pause...
WHERE is that book I'm supposed to write?
WHY am I still just a housewife?
WHAT happened to my pretty face?
HOW did I get so damned fat?
WHEN did the years slip away and fast forward to HERE?

At this point the only thing I see attainable is that book I'm supposed to write! Yet, where do I start, or better yet, how do I end? I've only started about 20 books, and they start out pretty good...very entertaining for myself...but about midway I stall, the story stalls and the poor characters are left hanging in limbo and wondering, "What happens next?".
Bless their hearts...They are a lot like my life...I am like one of those small rubber balls that you bounce across the livingroom and before it slows to a stop, it has covered every room of the house, taken out a quarter of the light bulbs, broken 50% of the what-nots and caused the wall hangings to droop off center.
Yep! That's me, alright...No one knows where I'm going, but they damned sure know where I've been by the havoc I've left in my wake!!!

A long time ago someone called me, "Quicksilver". I think that should be changed to, "Rubber Ball"!

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