Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thoughts & Questions

I've always been a dreamer...a planner...a hoper...a wanter...With visions of grandeur...a deep need for attention...a strong desire to be loved...a longing for something undescernable, something so near I could taste it, so far I couldn't grasp it...
Where do these feelings, these yearnings stem from?
What causes me to have such strong feelings, such intense needs, such peculiar emotions?
Who's voice is it that calls me from afar? That voice that bids me "Come." and tugs at my heart to follow?
Is it some distant memory from my past, some familiar...yet completely unknown force...Or is this perhaps God, my Maker, the Keeper of my soul?

At this point in my life I am no longer content with the words of man to lead and guide me. I'm no longer a follower of teachings that I find to be questionable, and oft times in error.

But then, was I ever content? Was I ever a follower? Haven't I always been a leader of my own soul? A dreamer of my own dreams? Haven't I always followed my own heart? Haven't I always marched to the beat of my own drum and wandered through this life, not because I was lost, but because I simply enjoyed the longer journey that would take me to places with few people and a whole lot of time with God?

Sometimes it all makes perfect sense...and sometimes this life is the craziest journey!!! But in the end, I hope I can say..."DANG! What a RIDE it was!"

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