Monday, October 22, 2007

Why a blog?

Why have I created my own blog...
My initial response would be, I don't know.
However, that's from my more flippant side...Because the real reason I've created this blog is for myself and my friends...those people who believe in me and what I write.
Writing has been a part of me since I was about ten years of age. I've written poetry and I've written essays: I've written short stories and I have a collection of unfinished books of fiction. And, of course, I write about things that happen in my every day life: funny things, sad things, things that piss me off and things that I deem important to who I am and what I believe.
My Life truly IS a Garden...
There's the dirt...some of it good and fertile, some of it lacking anything but the filth.
There is the grass...sometimes it makes for a nice place to lie back and enjoy it's softness, but then sometimes it overtakes the garden and needs to be cut or pulled out completely.
There are the flowers, the plants, the shrubs and trees...Beautiful pieces of life that only GOD could have created.
There are the weeds...Yeah, I've got lots of weeds because I don't spend enough time weeding and controlling the little demons that sometimes grow too large and overtake the creations of GOD.
Finally there are the garden pests...The aggravating, life-sucking bearers of destruction and disease that threaten to undermine and destroy my garden. Sometimes these are actual, real people...but sometimes these things are my own inner demons...

And, so, I begin this journey of blogging in hopes that I'll make you laugh, far and above all else. If you just happen to walk away with something deeper than a tickle of your funny bone, then I will have accomplished more than I had hoped for.

May GOD bless you and keep you and may you always know HIS love for you.

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