Monday, October 22, 2007

My Husband's Vocabulary

I wrote this in an email and sent it to various people in my address book of which 95% were family. Every single person replied with laughter, save one...She was the wife of my husband's long time friend and had once dated my husband. Her reply to me was scathing as she reprimanded me for "making fun" of my spouse. I post this on my blog in her honor:)

Larry came in yesterday evening and said, "I've come to a colusive."
I said, "You came to a WHAT?"
He said, "I came to a clusion."
I was not in a good mood that day and got mad so fast it made my head spin. But, I clinched my jaw and said, "CONCLUSION. You arrived at a CONCLUSION!"
He said, "Yeah, a conclusive." Then he proceeded to tell me that he needed 16' boards, and so forth as I turned back to the stove, rolling my eyes I'm sure, and positive that I married a hillbilly straight out of "Deliverance".

I told Abby today and she and I shared the first hearty laugh we've had in a long time!

I just wish that he would quit trying to use words he can't pronounce.

Over the years we've owned "a isolating fan" and he's forever "gonna learn somebody somethin.", and he used to say that Philip "had no ambunction". I don't know about Philip, but I wouldn't want to have that either!
But if I ever, and I mean EVER, come to a colusive, or a clusion, or even a conclusive, I don't think I'll tell a soul.

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