Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Pet Peeve of the Day

For a long time I thought it was just me and my paranoid self...So, I tried to be extra nice and pay closer attention to others behavior just in case they were preoccupied or having a really bad day...But I arrived at the conclusion that it wasn't just me... and those people who weren't bothered by these behaviors in others were actually people who displayed those behaviors themselves...

Rudeness. People are just rude these days and it is everywhere. it is rare to find people who are polite anymore and I wonder why that is?
When I was growing up we showed respect to our elders, even if they were cranky and irritating. We didn't talk back to our elders unless we wanted red stripes on our behinds or Momma's hand slapping our mouths faster than the speed of light. When I started working at about 15 at a small corner grocery store and gas station, the first thing I was taught was to always be polite to the customers, greet everyone who entered the store with a smile on my face and to always thank them for their business when they left.
I've never forgotten that and all these years later, I still expect it of others...I just don't get that kind treatment as often as I used to, and neither does anyone else.

I have dealt with banks since I was about 16 and can't even count the times I've used the drive-up window. I pull up, the teller sees me, smiles and pops the little drawer out to me as she asks, "How are you today?" We make small talk as she takes my deposit or cashes my check and then she thanks me as I leave.
It's pretty much a no-brainer...Person drives up to window, teller recognizes person and pops the drawer out because she knows there is a 99% chance the person will either put money in or take money out...I mean, there are signs posted that read, "Money Orders can only be purchased from teller inside bank" and "Loan payments must be paid at the Loan Department, not the Drive-thru"...

About 10 months ago we changed banks and every week I make a deposit into our account. I have never driven up to the window and asked my balance, nor have I ever tried to pay a loan or purchase a money order from the drive-thru. I put money in and I take money out...That's it.
And every Friday I pull up to the bank drive thru window and the teller, one of three, looks out the window at me and stands there. The drawer doesn't pop-out...She just looks at me.
I say, "Hello?" impatiently and then she pushes the little intercom and sometimes says, "Yes?"
Or sometimes she says, "Uh, can I help you?"
Other times she might say, "Is there something you need?"

Okay...Forgive me if I'm not understanding this situation, but I'm at a freakin' drive-thru bank window holding money in my hand as a 6 year old sits in the back seat asking if he's going to get a sticker this time and these tellers don't comprehend WHY I'm there???

I wonder what they would do if they said, "Yes?" and I replied, "NO?" I wonder how far that conversation would travel...
Or, if they asked, "Uh, can I help you? and I replied, "Duh. Do you think your capable of helping me?"
Or better yet, when they asks, "Is there something you need?" and I reply, "Hell, yeah. Give me all of my damned money and I'll go to another freakin' bank. Better yet, just give me all the damned money in the bank since that's what I REALLY need."

Okay, okay...I know what they would do if I did THAT, but still...It's tempting.

I have a friend who is quiet large and one day she went into a local business hoping to buy play shirts for her grand-daughters who are 6. She wasn't in that store but maybe 5 minutes when the owner comes up to her and says, "We don't have nothing that will fit you. We don't carry your size."
My friend turned around and walked out. She's a better Christian than I am...

At another shop in town, I stopped in one day browsing for sale items when the sales lady marches up to me and says, "Are you looking for something?" and her tone was not pleasant. She didn't ask if I was looking for something specific, just "are you looking for something". So, being my sweet self I replied sarcastically, "Aren't you on the ball today." She looked at me blankly before repeating herself, "Are you looking for something?" To which I replied, "Not anymore. I just remembered it's in a better store." I left her standing there with a frown...Hey, at least I left her standing.

A few months back I went into a Chili's and stood by the little sign that read, "Please wait to be seated." A few minutes passed and then I sloppy looking hostess supposed-to-be comes up and asked me suspiciously, "Can I help you?" I pointed to the sign and she gave me a dumb look, so I said, "I would like to get a table and eat lunch, IF that's okay with you."
Another no-brainer...I'm in an eatery, standing by a sign that tells me I have to wait to be seated and the hostess wants to know if she can help me???

In the defense of all the rude tellers, sales people, hostesses and such I will say that I have quiet an attitude and it doesn't take me much to get riled...However, whatever happened to common courtesy, general politeness and a little friendly service?
Wherever it is, I would sure like to have it back...

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