Monday, October 22, 2007

What is More Important?

Not long ago I made a decision, after much thought and even more prayer, to speak out about an issue that, until then, no one else had cared enough to address. I knew that my courage would drastically change lives and effect those involved for the better, though I also knew those people would not see it as such. Yet I followed through...
A life was saved, perhaps two, and these lives have been changed for the better...And yet these persons do not, can not, perhaps will not admit this. Maybe it is too soon. Or, maybe they will forever be incapable of comprehending.
All I know is that I had to sleep with myself every night and live with myself every waking hour and I could not in good conscience turn my head and look the other way.
I am far from perfect...No one has to tell me thus, nor should anyone feel led to convince me of such by pointing out all of my failures. My mistakes are too many to count in even a single day, but I do know right from wrong and I do know that God did not give me intuition and eyes to see to have me turn away and ignore wrong doing when it is within my abilities to correct or find solutions that would lead to a more productive and safer life for others.

If you see a child being abused, do you turn away and hope that child is rescued, or do you make a call and continue to make those calls until that child is helped?
If you see an elderly person being neglected, do you wish them well as you go about your meaningless business and say it's not your problem, or do you step in and help that person recieve care with love and respect, allowing them to maintain their dignity?
If you see a woman whose spouse/partner abuses her, do you run away as fast as you can and judge her for staying, or do you step up to the plate with courage as you offer her your love and support as you find a way to strengthen her to the point she gains courage and leaves the abuser for a safe house because she knows it's not her fault and she is worth saving?

Would you be willing to sacrifice your cozy little smooth running life to give a special child a home, take an elderly person in or maybe even put yourself in danger to save one life?
If you wouldn't, that's you choice; But if you would, then you know what true love is all about and this world is a better place just because you are here.

The hardest thing I've ever learned in life was that life wasn't all about ME.
The easiest thing I've ever learned in life is that life IS about everyone else.

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