Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dreams & my Realtor...

Seems pretty wild to most everyone but me...But it is something that I must stop and pnder...
Had my house listed with the realtor since the end of February 2010. I knew when I listed it that it was not going to be an easy sale because it's a single wide manufactured home. But in the two years since we've bought it, I've kicked my own ass (as well as my beloved husband's) cleaning up, fencing and doing a bit of remodeling to the interior. It doesn't hurt that I'm a bit of a neat freak, either. So when people walk in for the first time, their eyes get wide and the first thing they all say is, "WOW!"
I like that. I like that a lot!
But, I am only human and there are times when I let things go a little...clutter fills the table, the bar, and I might not sweep the entire house every day. Sometimes we're tired. Sometimes we're sick. A lot of times we're heading to and from our place in Dryden. And then something strange will happen...From out of no where, I'll suddenly get this strong feeling, "You need to get this house CLEAN and NOW!" And I'll work my butt off to get it spic and span clean...And then, I'll go to bed and during the night I'll have a dream about my realtor, or showing or selling this house. Those dreams won't always be perfectly clear, but I'll know they are about this house. And then, within a few hours after I awaken, I'll get a call from my realtor's office, "I've got someone that wants to see your house today."
Thus far, it's happened ONLY seven times...and the house has only been shown SEVEN times!
It happened again last night and then today, we had a sudden showing.
It's WILD, but I LOVE it!

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