Saturday, December 3, 2011

Low thoughts...

Been looking around this life lately and all I'm seeing are weeds and overgrown fauna. So busy taking care of the minial things, contending with the unfair things, struggling to just keep my head above water and the garden has become overgrown, unkempt, and my reflection is an eyesore to myself.
Doing all I can, yet it either does not matter or does not make a difference in the grand scheme of things.
Some days I want to simply throw in the towel...and then I realize the towel is dirty and I do yet another damned load of laundry.
Other days I would just kind of like to check-out...not permanently, just long enough for some things to change without my being here in front row center to wait it impatiently out.
It's getting harder to get out of bed, though...
My feet used to hit the floor seconds after my eyes opened to the morning sun. But now, I'll lie there for an hour or more hoping that my awakening was part of a bad dream and if I close my eyes real hard and go back to sleep, I'll wake up later to a better day, a better life, a garden that has been set right.
But, it never happens...
At least not yet :~)

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