Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More Thoughts

Today started off as a good day, even though I am on the tail-end of bronchitis. I was feeling better, did the laundry and was doing what I felt like doing, but not over-exerting myself when a noise from outside caused me to look out of the window. There I found the gas company wanting to pull me meter for failure to pay. The problem is, I AM CURRENT and I have proof. I ended up shouting, screaming and using lots of profanity...and they still pulled my meter, right down to calling a constable and a deputy. I wasn't trying to stop them from taking the damned thing and told them to pull it. But they were WRONG and I had proof. Yeah...it was embarrassing. It was also pathetic that it took five grown men, 2 armed, to pull a gas meter from the house of a 45 year old woman with bronchitis and a low grade fever! I went to school to pick my son up and for no reason I started bawling my eyes out. But it wasn't the lack of natural gas at home that caused it. It was my parents' impending divorce. 46 years of marriage and my dad has to be an idiot which pushed Mom too far. I don't blame her and even wonder why she didn't do this 40 years ago. Of course, I know why, but still. Now, my brothers and I are stuck in the middle...and we are all adults! If we were kids then we wouldn't have a choice or even a say, but now that we are grown we will have to make a choice. It just ain't fair. I was on the end of my crying jag when a man pulled through the parent pick-up line, just like he does every afternoon, in an old Dodge one ton with a flat bed and pulling an old trailer. Today it was an old racket-making gooseneck. It is my opinion and observation that this man hooks up to a trailer every afternoon just to show off in the parent pick-up line, and because apparently having a trailer allows him to park wherever he wills...Unlike the rest of us who unhook from our trailers at home and come to the parent pick-up line without a trailer to wait patiently in line. So this man pulls through, too darned fast, and comes within inches of taking out my front passenger side. But then he sees that he is blocked and lays down on the brakes, blocking anyone behind him who might care to get around. So he sits there, racing his rickety motor and finally kills the engine. He waits a good minute before restarting the engine, throwing it in granny low and pulling forward something like two inches. He stops and slams it in reverse and moves back a foot...He repeats this action a couple of times, as he repositions the trucka nd then suddenly, he peels out and shifts it into 2nd...the trailer, which is not following in the paths of the truck tires, veers too far to the left, jumps a curb, runs over a four foot high red tip photinia tree and bounces behind him as he flies out of the parking lot, jumping the speed bumps a few feet on down. It was the awfullest bunch of racket I've heard and everyone in the parking lot was looking at him like he was crazy, especially the woman who was crawling out of her brand new SUV that was parked next to the red tips! She had no damage, which was good for the man. And I got tickled and I started to laugh! What the guy did was WRONG, I mean, we were in a school zone! But it was refreshing to see that I am not the only one with a trigger-temper, even though he was wrong in his driving and I was right in my anger toward the gas company. I came home and fired out two fact based, sarcasm filled letter to the gas company. I hope they all choke on natural gas fumes and manage to stick that meter where the sun don't shine! Ah, what a day.

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