Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A dream

Cloudless days,
star-lit nights,
a steady breeze
across my skin...

As I lie back
and watch the skies
move endlessly
above me...

I am but
a small partical
floating steadily
through this life...

With dreams of quiet
laughter, love
and joy.

A voice beckons
from a distant place,
"Come home, little one,
come home to me."

"I'm coming,"
I say,
But patience
is my enemy...

It steals my peace,
my joy and hope,
and anger
dwells within me.

"Be still," it says,
"trust in
the ONE
that sustains you."

I'm trying,
my Lord,
I'm trying...
I'm standing...
I'm waiting...
I'm ready...
I want to come Home!

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