Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A flower

A flower...That is Logan. A small, wonderful, beautiful little flower that threatens to be the most magnificent bloom in the garden!
He has his thorns, but they aren't too long and don't do more than irritate...So the flower of Logan can be enjoyed and loved without memory of the little thorns.
This morning at 7:30am, he comes to my bed and says, "I'm hungry."
I was unable to get to sleep until after 4:00am as I battled with coughing caused by allergies. So I said, "Can you give me just a few more minutes rest before I have to get up?"
He said, "Okay." and left the room.
I closed my eyes and welcomed rest, only to feel his presence beside the bed. I opened my eyes and he stood there holding an egg. He laid the egg on the pillow next to me and said, "I want THIS for breakfast and I want it now!"
I told him to get that egg out of my bed immediately and he did so, but with strict orders to cook it immediately...Which I did.
I am so exhausted this afternoon, but the memory of this 6 year old child bringing an egg to my bed is just too funny to forget.

Flowers...Sometimes God allows them to grow, even among the weeds.

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