Saturday, March 14, 2009

Is spring finally coming???

I didn't realize it had been so long since I last posted!
Looking back over the past few months it certainly feels like I've been living through a deep, dark and cold winter.
My dearest and sweetest neighbor passed away January 5th. We buried her on January 10th. On January 11th, my step-granny passed away and we buried her January 13th.
Our neighbor said he wanted to buy our property...that was in early October 2008...but he was going through a divorce and it would be after that was finalized. He said a few weeks. At Christmas we took a vacation and found a house my husband loved...and I was okay with. January rolled around and the neighbor said he'd be over here to look at the place and make a final decision the end of January, first weekend of February.
It is now the middle of March and we've yet to see him...except across the pasture!
I increased the price of our property March 1rst and have it listed on'm not going with these piss-ant realtors here because all they want is a quick sale, a huge commission and they don't do anything more than I'm doing myself.
I've just about decided that we aren't ever going to get this place sold unless we give it away...and that ain't happening!
But, for some reason that just isn't bothering me like it would have even a month ago. I guess that some things just aren't meant to be for people like me.
Tomorrow we'll be going back to the church I love so dearly, but haven't attended in almost two years. I've looked at other churches in the area, but none were what we wanted or needed...and none were "home" like my old church. I'll just have to refuse to do anything...I got burnt out from doing too much and having too much criticism before...And I'll have to remember that no one is perfect...Not even myself!
And I am going to do something about this weight! I have had enough of being obese and unhealthy and have even been diagnosed hypertensive recently.
Little wonder since I'm a strong Type A personality with a strong Type A$$-H@le Temper!
I really need to not only stop and smell the flowers, but plant some new ones as well!
So I wonder if a season of spring is where my life is now headed?
I was ill for four months...allergies, sinusitis, flu and cold...But I'm doing great now. Since March 1rst, I just feel GOOD and for no particular reason.
Last week the temps got up in the lower 80's and I found myself outside weeding flower beds, transplanting bulbs and shrubs and enjoying the blooms of the Camelia, Carolina Jasmine and Irises. They were beautiful and it was so wonderful to get my hands dirty. It was even nice to sweat and get a little sun burn on my face!
I can only hope new and beautiful things are in my future...I'm really tired of the old and the dead.

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