Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fighting with Children...

I'm really tired of being mad. Anger is such a draining emotion. Seems like I've been fighting for one thing or another, against one injustice or another, my entire life. At some point you'd think that people would just leave me the hell alone because they know I'm not going to back down...BUT, not everyone knows this and so I end up having to fight new idgits over new bullshit.
And as I get older, the idgits get younger! Ain't nothing quiet so disgusting as having to fight with people I consider children...those who are the ages of my own children...It is truly beneath me...But until they can show me some respect and stop treating me as if I am incapable of having even the slightest life within my brain, all I can say is...Here we go again!

Number one rule...Don't threaten me with a f'ing gun or badge!
Number two rule...Don't tell me what to do, especially if you are male and then, especially if you are younger than my oldest child who is 30!
Number three rule...I'm not nearly as simple minded or as timid as I look.
Number four rule...Don't harass, intimidate, patronize, talk down to, lie about or lie to my husband or my children because if you do, I will make sure EVERYBODY knows it! I may appear to be a raving lunatic to some, but not all!
Number five rule...Leave me alone and give me time to cool down and then I'll eventually be over it. I will never trust you again, but I can leave you alone in peace if you can do the same for me. I can maintain civility and I might just be a bigger asset to you than you realize.

My greatest hope is that people will just behave themselves and act in a way that I'd like to believe most people act and behave...Not running roughshod over others, not seeking others to reign superior over, not being a major pain in the asses of good people who truly want to live in peace.
Yeah, a part of me IS naive. Very much so. But then, I have a Holy Bible that kinda commands me to be!

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