Friday, November 18, 2011

Letter to Carter Smith, Executive Director of TPWD

Larry & Jennifer Chandler Property

Tract 11

Dryden, Texas 78851


Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

ATTN: Mr. Carter Smith, Executive Director

4200 Smith School Road

Austin, Texas 78744


See attached letter & copies of citations

Dear Mr. Smith,

Notice to agent constitutes notice to all principals; notice to all principals constitutes notice to all agents.

On November 6th, 2011 while on our Private & Posted Property in Terrell County, Texas, Meyers Canyon Ranch, tract 11, my family was paid a visit by Game Warden Kenneth Stannard and Game Warden Saul Aguilar. We had met and had dealings with Mr. Stannard in the past and my only complaint against Mr. Stannard would be that he is overly rigid, a better word would be ‘anal’. However, he has always been respectful and polite and I simply like and respect the man. I wish I could say same for Mr. Saul Aguilar!

November 6th, 2011 was our first encounter with Mr. Aguilar and I can now understand why the locals refer to him as the most disliked, despicable man in the county! He was not polite, nor was he respectful to anyone in my family. He was intimidating, insulting and bullying when he truly had NO reason to be. The letter attached will explain what my family and I not only witnessed, but were subject to.

Mr. Aguilar’s behavior was uncalled for and if I am not mistaken, illegal, especially when dealing with my 10 year old son.

I have shared the attached letter with not only the JP it was written to, but also several residents of Terrell County, including fellow property owners on the Meyers and Paint Mare Canyon Ranches, as well as made it public on my ‘blogs’.

Mr. Smith, my family and I are not, nor have we ever been, law breakers, be it criminal, civil, traffic or wildlife. We are also not people who intentionally cause or initiate trouble with our fellow man. We lead quiet lives, work very hard for what we have and are always the first of people to offer help and support to those in need.

However, when trouble is thrust upon my family I refuse to lie down quietly and allow it to continue without a fight!

The attached letter was sent to others within Terrell County, as well as posted publicly for anyone to read, because the behavior of Mr. Aguilar was both wrong and harassing. He both bribed and coerced my ten year old child without an adult present, then used the words he had coerced my ten year old to say as grounds for issuing both my husband’s and my citations. He called both my husband and myself liars. He threatened my husband with jail, confiscation of all firearms and confiscation of our ice chests. He told my husband that he wasn’t much of a man for whatever reason Mr. Aguilar had. He sequestered my husband, myself, our 25 year old soldier son and our ten year old son. He and Mr. Stannard never read us our rights, either. He attempted to pit us all against each other and did finally use our ten year old against us, based on words Mr. Aguilar told him to say.

None of this was necessary and regardless what the citations say, what both Mr. Stannard and Mr. Aguilar forced us to admit to under duress, well, neither man walked away knowing the entire truth. This is because neither man wanted to hear it, and even if they had, they had already upset us all to the point we would have said anything just to get them and their threats off our property!

The truth of the matter is, neither my husband or myself truly knows who shot the deer that was confiscated.
I am still not sure, and neither is my husband 100% sure that I tagged a deer that was not my own.

Regardless what the ‘game laws’ say or whose shot took down said deer, Texas is a community property state and under the eyes of God my husband and I are ONE entity. We committed no crime. We did no wrong.

I might add that when the game wardens arrived, this deer head was hanging in FULL view with the meat in ice chests sitting within four feet of the hanging head. At NO time were we attempting to hide anything!

But none of that matters anymore, now does it? Your department will eventually be $780 richer, I will be $780 poorer and my freezer will continue to be void of meat. Oh, I could contest the citations, but after my most recent talk with the JP, I have no doubts that there will be no ruling in our favors. I simply can not jeopardize both my husband’s and my health, or risk putting my ten year old through anymore trauma.

Therefore, what’s done is done as far as the citations are concerned.

Unfortunately, in regards to the harassment, intimidation and bullying of my family by your game wardens, the general consensus of the Terrell Country residents is that it has only just begun and will get much worse. This is the reason for this letter to you now.

I have in my possession the Parks and Wildlife Code, Title 2., Chapter 12, Subchapter A. General Powers and Duties through Subchapter H. License Deputies. It has been a while since I was under the tutelage of an attorney well versed in reading and interpreting legal codes, but what little I have retained leads me to Sec. 12.102. Inspection of Wildlife Resources all the way through Sec. 12.104. Right To Search and Inspect.

From this date forward, I will expect your game wardens in Terrell County to follow the letter of the law as it applies to them in regards to my family and myself. If they can not do so and will not be held accountable for their bad behavior, then I can not be expected or be held accountable or liable to those laws, either.

While my property has yet to have a fence, there are clear boundary lines and I don’t give a flip if Terrell County is a ‘fence out’ County or not. My property is MY property and it IS posted. Unless your game wardens see a game crime committed, or what they suspect to be a game crime in process of being committed, when they enter onto my property, they ARE trespassing and I will order them to leave, I will file charges against them and I will post and send out public letters concerning their crime. If they attempt to stop me on any roadway, as per Section 12.102 of the Parks & Wildlife Code, again, I will file charges against them, as well as contacting all public officials and politicians that I might find the mailing address, email address and telephone numbers of. From what I have been told by residents of Terrell County, Mr. Aguilar has repeatedly stopped, harassed, forced illegal searches and even issued tickets to people traveling on state highways. I do not know how true this is, but I would pray it was a simple fabrication by people who sorely dislike this man. However, please know that if this detestable and illegal crime is ever perpetrated on any member of my family, I will hold you, Mr. Smith, accountable as you are Respondent Superior.

I will NOT live in fear. I will NOT be threatened, bullied, intimidated, treated with disrespect, humiliated or embarrassed while in my own private vehicle or while on my own property AGAIN! I am NOT a criminal, nor am I some stupid old woman unworthy of respect or common courtesy. And while in my private vehicle and while on my private land, I WILL DEMAND RESPECT, LAWFUL CONDUCT and I WILL RECEIVE IT!

Now, your game wardens have two choices.

Number one:

They can do it THEIR way. They can trespass onto my private, posted property without my permission. They can threaten, intimidate, harass, insult, humiliate and disrespect my family and myself with their injustices by force of the badge and gun, showing extreme impatience while looking for wrongs where none truly exist, AND we will order them to leave, tell them nothing about anything they ask, chronicle every single trespass and post it publicly, and generally be just as rude, crude and hostile as they themselves are being, equaling a benefit to absolutely no one.


Number two:

They can do it MY way by apologizing to my child for their bribery and lies to him. They can act like gentlemen when they enter my property. They can be respectful, polite, considerate, patient AND just, showing not only human decency, but a degree of kindness toward my family and myself. AND, in return, we will help them anyway we can, putting away old angers and covering old wounds, and in the end this would be a pleasant benefit to ALL, especially a ten year old child!

Mr. Smith, I do not wish to fight with these men, nor do I wish them to fight with me. My prayer is that you remind them of their duties, what they can legally do and what they can NOT legally do, their behaviors, as well as the rights of my family and myself. My most sincere prayer is that we move past this upsetting event with apologies, forgiveness and at least a strong degree of civility towards each other. But please understand that I will stand and I will fight if the bad behavior by Mr. Aguilar, or any other TPWD agent, continues.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. I pray for positive results and the safety and well being of my family.


Jennifer Chandler

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